Rawson Carpet Solutions UK Manufacturer of EPD (Environmental Product Declarations)

Rawson Carpet Solutions Finalise Their EPD’s to Complement a Great Sustainable Offering

Rawson Carpet Solutions, who have been manufacturing carpet sheet and tiles for over half a century, are truly a heritage UK Manufacturer who follow their strategy to ‘offer a textile flooring solution to suit any design criteria’. However, it is sustainability which has been their biggest focus over the past 2 years, evaluating products with a view to manufacturing a new carpet sheet and tile solution with the highest levels of sustainability, evaluating energy usage, carbon output, careful selection of raw materials, life cycle and the requirement for complete recyclability in one process.

Rawson now offers full EPD’s (Environmental Product Declarations) for their Heritage ranges, Entrance matting solutions and for their new Fully Recyclable sheet and tile solution called ‘Recover.’ The heritage ranges, including renowned products such as Eurocord and Felkirk, used confidently for Education carpet solutions for over 50 years, are still a preferred choice for a durable education or workspace carpet sheet or tile competitive solution and have now been updated with new bolder colour ranges. Their exceptional long life, easy cleaning and EPD results give reasoning for their staying ability.

The EPD’s are to be found on the website and clearly demonstrate the low carbon contribution to the environment compared to the competition. Indeed the cradle to grave for ‘Recover’ has shown a solution which surely ticks more boxes than most for the criteria of sustainability, not only in its low carbon production or recycled content, but in the long life usage and recyclability of this carpet sheet and tile range.

Recover is produced from one single polymer and up to 80% of the raw materials used to make the product are from recycled material accredited by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS). The BRE EPD’s provide openness as to the true impact of this product, but it doesn’t stop there, as Recover is a fully recyclable carpet tile or sheet. Being produced using single polymer Polyester, and with no additives, adhesives or latex, the sheet or tiles can be fully recycled back into PET for a multitude of further life uses. This totally removes the need for landfill which must be a consideration for all manufacturers in the construction industry. The adhesive system for the installation is tailored to preventing transfer of adhesive when lifted, and the costs for this recycling should be little more than the transport of the items to recycling companies in the UK.

With this latest move, Rawson Carpet Solutions hopes this will influence the industry to take up the opportunity of avoiding landfill with their choice of products, and to choose instead, a more sustainable solution which meets most criteria of a thorough environmental assessment whether working on a retail, workspace or an education floor design.

Rawson Carpet Solutions provide workspace carpet tiles which offer the designer endless design possibilities whether the budget is a deciding factor or our client wishes for a designer structured nylon tile or plank design. Education carpet tiles are Rawson’s primary market and here the solutions on offer are now very broad to suit any aspiration. Rawson’s experienced team are always keen to discuss and support their clients and welcome their contact to discuss further the carpet sheet and tile solutions on offer. The designer nylon carpet tile ranges offer a large colour palette with many designs, linear, non-directional, structured, tiles or planks, utilising matching yarns to provide clients with more design freedom. The entire nylon range has BRE A+ individual accreditation with BRE EPD’s on the horizon. The nylon carpet tile range is also managed as completely Carbon Neutral.

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