Choosing The Proper Office Carpet Tiles

Your floors are used and seen daily, so it follows that both form and function are essential attributes to consider when choosing a workspace carpet. And, considering the “real estate” your office carpet takes up in your facility, it is an important decision at that! If you choose a carpet that isn’t durable or not aesthetically pleasing, costs pile up if you have to replace it sooner than later, not to mention the disruption (again) of your business.

Knowing you have a durable carpet provides peace of mind. And the appearance of your floors has a significant impact on how people perceive your facility – a worn or outdated style/color of carpet in a lobby can make people perceive your business as subpar as soon as they enter the building.

Bottom line? Choose wisely! In general, a carpet with a low profile is ideal for office environments. A short pile provides more effortless movement for an office chair on wheels and better accommodation for heavy office furniture and equipment.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice for your budget and facility (level of traffic, time-period, size/shape of space).

  • What is the desired carpet life? Are you leasing or own? If leasing, in general, you don’t need as long carpet life.
  • Select styles and colors that are desirable for your space and support your corporate brand image. See details below on design options offered by Rawson Carpet Solutions.
  • If you consider carpet tile, make sure you design replacement tiles into the flooring design and the budget. Carpet tiles are great for ease of repair, but a new tile installed next to the old tile will stand out unless you design the floor to minimize this effect. This can be done by using multiple styles or the same style randomly turned or quarter-turned.
  • Look at several options of lighting. We suggest ordering large samples that can be viewed in your space or under the same type of lighting used in your building. Lighting types can change the look and feel of your carpet—drastically in some cases.
  • Select the right carpet for use, e.g., carpet for offices, low foot traffic, is different from selecting for a high-traffic corridor.
  • Do a stain test! What stains are typically found in your facility? Stain your sample; how well does the carpet hide the stain? How easy is it to remove? Certain carpets release stains easier than others.
  • Choose commercial grade carpet as opposed to residential grade. Residential carpet does not have the same density and durability as commercial-grade carpet and will degrade quickly in heavy traffic areas.
  • What level of sound reduction is needed? Using carpet tiles for your office space can provide excellent sound reduction qualities of 19 to 22dB; however, to further support the interest in comforting, peaceful areas, ‘quietback’ is a secondary backing that adds up 5db additional sound reduction.

Rawson Carpet Solutions, a UK carpet manufacturer, provides quality carpets and durable carpet tiles (Class Rating of 33 and castor chair suitability) that complement any workspace with exceptional durability. We will guide you through the considerations listed above.

Especially when it comes to design! Differing design layouts of the same floors can provide a multitude of pleasing aesthetics, supporting the design process and offering the best insight into the creative workspace aesthetic solutions. When used as a single range, our designer carpet tiles for office and workplace environments, or by taking advantage of matching yarns in two product ranges, can open up endless design possibilities. A few options include:

  • Designer Solution Dyed Nylon Ranges offering quality plain tiles for sinuous flowing spaces
  • Options to play with the 24 choice colors in the Jazz range or the modern Micro loop tiles to provide random or planned chequer boarded patterns or wayfinding delineation.
  • Linear patterns, whether graduated or random, are on offer with Rawson’s Jazz Lines or Signal
  • Non-directional patterning can be achieved in utilizing the natural aesthetics of new Riven, whether taking advantage of the product in its simplest form or using the matching yarns in Jazz to open up endless workspace design solutions.

BIM assessed products with NBS specifications and LRV values are on the website as well. The possible layouts are unlimited, and Rawson’s friendly, experienced sales team is always keen to discuss their clients’ planned workspace aesthetic.

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