Felkirk – Velour Carpet

This 100% polypropylene luxury Velour carpet sheet and tile is engineered to meet the stringent demands of a dynamic school or office environment. Lasting elegance and superb stain resistance, Felkirk is again a heritage range and has earned its reputation as a hard wearing answer to busy floors.

Technical Specifications


Blackout SHEET CM121 - TILE FET121
Anthracite SHEET CM93 - TILE FET93
Cystal Grey SHEET CM40 - TILE FET40
Silver Grey SHEET CM111 - TILE FET111
Dark Grey SHEET CM123 - TILE FET123
Cool Grey SHEET CM124 - TILE FET124
Fjord Blue SHEET CM92 - TILE FET92
Sapphire SHEET CM112 - TILE FET112
Blue SHEET CM136 - TILE FET136
Olive SHEET CM114 - TILE FET114
Ocean Green SHEET CM105 - TILE FET105
Fairway Green SHEET CM09 - TILE FET09
Marina SHEET Sheet – CM135 - TILE FET135
Water SHEET CM134 - TILE FET134
Meadow SHEET CM133 - TILE FET133
Vine SHEET CM132 - TILE FET132
Turf SHEET CM125 - TILE FET125
Rouge SHEET CM116 - TILE FET16
Brazil SHEET CM29 - TILE FET29

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