Designer Carpet Tiles

Rawson Carpet Solutions offers a diverse range of designer carpet tiles. These sit primarily in the Solution Dyed Nylon Range section on our site. Solution Dyed Nylon Tiles may feel softer than our heritage needle punch but still offer great durability being Class 33 registered. The range will satisfy any clients requirement, whether that be a soft thick cut pile, a loop tile in a multitude of colours or a structured, two-ply solution dyed plank. Jazz is a solution dyed tile which has 25 exciting colourways to choose from. The Yarns are carefully chosen to give a colour pallet that will complement any space.

Rawson’s ethos is simple, ‘to provide a rich, broad carpet sheet and tile offering whilst still moving forward with new products and designs to suit our clients’ ever evolving needs.’

In adhering to this, Rawson has released Riven, a statement designer carpet plank or tile which gives the aesthetic of nature’s material, whether that be rock, slate and shale, or by injecting colour, ‘brook’ or ‘moss’. This is a true designer carpet tile where the differing colours in the range carry one single matching yarn. The value of which is that we are able to blend shale and slate in your installation to achieve a natural floor aesthetic with an effect that is sinuous and flowing.

To provide our clients and designers with design freedom, the carefully chosen yarns of Riven match some of those in Jazz, providing the opportunity to mix the two products to achieve a truly bespoke floor. In today’s market with the awareness of social distancing, one is able to use Jazz as a background carpet and to inject colour with textured 2 metre squares in the floor as shown in the image. A great, individual designer floor, with the added advantage of being socially distanced aware. Flat or textured borders can blend with contrasting floor ways to provide an expressive and impressive learning or workspace.

There are many other products in the range, including graduated linear patterning, like Signal, Jazz Lines or Countryside. In addition, products with modernity in mind like the low level Microloop. Or try the tried and tested Fanfare range. There are designer tile options in the heritage ranges as well with Dash and Laserlight and Neon. The range is diverse and we provide options. The products work as a team to provide a designer floor option to even the most often specific desires of designers wishing to make a statement with a designer carpet tile solution.

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