Bespoke Golf Club Floor Covering Solutions

Golf clubs are a social space, which, when designed with the customer in mind, can provide visitors with a feeling of wellbeing. The history and heritage of the golf club should be reflected in its interior design with a colour palette ranging from bright and bold interiors to stripped-back and understated. A new golf club has the luxury of an anything concept. The environment wants to be as welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable as possible. 

The golf community is always growing and so are the number of clubs, looking to obtain members through their exceptional course and importantly the facilities available to potential members. The correct choice of floor covering for a golf club will surely add to that impressive aesthetic but will ultimately save the club owners money due to the carpet’s longevity.

Rawson Carpet Solutions has been supplying carpets for golf clubs for many years with the multitude of carpet solutions on offer for the many differing areas of a golf club facility.

Entering a golf club, a primary entrance matting solution is required to dry and clean shoes for safety purposes, but also to protect the interior flooring solutions from dirt and damage. Here, there is an opportunity to have an inlay to the entrance matting of the golf club name or logo, or indeed a welcome note. Rawson have been providing intricate inlay solutions for many years to give a welcoming first impression to the club.

Throughfare and corridor areas may well be subject to spiked or aggressively textured golf shoes. Here, a golf club carpet solution which is resistant to spikes and offers exception durability is vital for the long- standing functionality and long-term aesthetic of the chosen flooring solution.

‘Spikemaster’ is a specifically engineered carpet solution for golf clubs. It is BS 7044 spike resistant compliant and is an ideal solution for golf club carpet, providing a durable and safe solution for golf club flooring. Spikemaster carpet tiles for golf clubs are provided in a range of different colours as standard, however, as a manufacturer, Rawson would be able to produce any colour the club may require subject to a very small minimum order quantity.

For golf range areas, Rawson Carpet Solutions provides two main solutions for golf range carpet. The first being Spikemaster, a tried and tested solution with exceptional durability and colour choices. The second solution is Rawson outdoor sheet product range called Patio. Patio is proven in such environments to be a great golf range carpet flooring solution with brighter and bolder colours to complement the space or match to company branded colouring or logos.

General restaurant and meeting areas to the club can be services with a multitude of carpet options from Rawson, each providing a very durable and visually pleasing complement to the social spaces of the club. Dependent on the client’s desire, large colour, pattern and structure choices through our nylon carpet offering are available to provide an impact or sinuous design at competitive rates. The nylon carpet strategy adopted by Rawson means that there are endless design possibilities with these products working alone or mixing ranges with matching yarns.

With so many years’ experience in providing golf club carpet solutions, our team are here to help, please get in touch.

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