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Could Classroom Carpet Tiles Be the Answer to Better Student Behaviour?

If you’re an educator, you’ve probably spent at least some time designing your classroom around your students’ needs. Maybe you’ve added flexible seating or created a classroom library over the years. Or perhaps you’ve added a quiet reading corner for students to sit calmly and engage with their favourite book.

But have you ever considered how the carpet in your classroom could improve your students’ experiences?

Adding carpet tiles to your classroom could improve student behaviour and provide a range of other benefits. Read on to learn more about the advantages of school carpets, then contact our Rawson Carpet Solutions team to find the perfect carpet tiles for your needs.

Carpet As a Behavioural Tool

Encouraging students to sit still can be one of the most challenging tasks of a teacher’s day. Kids have a lot of energy, and often, they can’t help but wiggle and move around when they’re supposed to be sitting quietly.

However, adding carpet tiles in your Circle Area can act as an anchor, encouraging students to sit still. Your students will learn that when they’re sitting on classroom rugs, they must remain quiet and calm. But when they’re standing on other areas of the floor, they’re free to move around.

Numerous teachers have found that placing carpet tiles in sections of the classroom where students need to sit quietly encourages this behaviour. When you utilise carpet tiles rather than large pieces of carpet, you can even encourage each child to sit in their own carpet tile, giving them a physical boundary that keeps them seated longer.

Finally, carpet tiles can provide more cushion than hard flooring, helping students feel more comfortable sitting for extended periods. Your students may not get as wiggly when they have a cosy, soft carpet to sit on during Circle Time and other learning activities.

Other Benefits of Classroom Carpet Tiles

Adding carpet tiles to your classroom can provide numerous benefits outside of your students’ behaviour. Here are a few advantages of classroom carpet tiles:

Flexible Seating

Flexible seating is a practice that allows students to choose from several different seating types throughout the classroom. This practice adheres to a student-centred approach to learning, which enables students to guide and shape their learning experiences according to their needs.

Installing carpet tiles in your classroom can provide an additional seating option for children who may feel too restrained in a hard chair. Studies have shown that implementing flexible seating can increase student engagement, making students more likely to absorb the learning material.

Additionally, flexible learning spaces may encourage collaboration and interaction among students, contributing to better learning outcomes.

Injury Prevention

Classroom carpets can also enhance your classroom’s safety. Young students can get rowdy in the classroom, and their high energy can sometimes lead to injuries. For example, young students are notorious for wanting to lean their chairs back on the two rear legs and see how long they can balance.

However, installing carpet tiles throughout your classroom can provide a cushion to prevent injuries among students. Carpets with a high pile height can be especially effective in cushioning students’ landings and preventing broken bones and bruises.

Noise Reduction

Carpet tiles can also absorb sound and provide noise-reducing benefits within your classroom.

If you currently have tile or laminate flooring in your classroom, you’ve probably witnessed the acoustic effects these flooring types can create. Spaces with hard flooring can become loud quickly, as these flat surfaces allow sound to reverberate and amplify within the room.

However, carpet tiles can absorb sounds, helping to keep your classroom at a calm, quiet noise level. Once you install carpet tiles, your students will quickly learn that your classroom is a calm environment, encouraging them to keep the background noise level down.


Warm & cozy classroom space using aesthetically-pleasing carpet tiles

Decorating your classroom to your personal preferences is one of the unique privileges of being a teacher. If your classroom is boring or dull, adding carpet tiles can allow you to express your personal style and improve the room’s appearance.

Carpets can make a room feel warm and cosy, creating a classroom space that you and your students enjoy spending time in. Additionally, you can choose carpet tiles in bright colours or vary the hues throughout your classroom to create a pattern, allowing you to express your unique personal style.

Dividing the Classroom

Dividing the classroom into different learning areas is a valuable method within the Montessori teaching style. This teaching style aims to keep children stimulated within the learning environment and give them control over the topics they learn.

You can consider dividing your classroom into the following spaces:

  • Classroom library
  • Classroom meeting space or circle area
  • Tactile activity area
  • Art space
  • Discovery area

Placing different colours of carpet tiles in each space can create a clear distinction between each activity. You can also use the carpet tiles to indicate how many students should be at each activity at a time.

Indoor Air Quality

The right carpet tiles can also improve your classroom’s air quality. Carpets can help trap allergens that your students track into the classroom each day. While hard floors can lead allergens to circulate throughout the room, carpet can keep allergens and dust stagnant. Then, the housekeeping team can easily remove these allergens with a hoover.

Choosing the Right Carpet Tiles for Your Classroom

Jazz - School Carpet Tiles

Selecting high-quality, comfortable carpet tiles for your classroom is essential. Your carpet tiles should be able to withstand years of continual use. They should also be soft and comfy, creating a pleasant sitting experience for students.

If you’re looking for the best carpet tiles to use within your classroom, we can help. At Rawson Carpet Solutions, we offer a wide range of high-quality, environmentally friendly carpet tiles suitable for classroom usage. Our commercial carpets are also heavy-duty, allowing them to stand up to wear and tear and prevent staining.Contact our Rawson Carpet Solutions team today at +44 (001924 373421) to speak with our experts about our top-quality school carpets.

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