Spike Resistant Flooring – Keep Your Surface Protected From Spikes and Studs

The solution to providing a surface that accommodates foot traffic from sports shoes such as spikes and studs is limited.

The primary role for such a floor covering should be to provide a safe and comfortable walking surface that protects the subfloor from damage – as subfloor repair can be a costly exercise.

The point loading from individual spikes on golf shoes is considerable and will invariably damage any smooth surfaced floorcovering that may be chosen. Besides, a highly stud-resistant flooring that can withstand these point loads will need to provide a good safety level from slips. Sports shoes are typically wet or dirty from outdoor activities; thus, the surface needs to provide cushioning and friction-resistant to offer a safe and supported surface for walking.

Durability is also crucial, as most surfaces will degrade very quickly from being walked upon by spikes and studded shoes. The final consideration needs to be the impact sound created from the flooring when stepped upon by these shoes. This will dramatically affect the environment’s comfort factor; the more impact resistance achieved and quiet the floor is, the more calming and enjoyable space becomes.

All the above considerations have been studied and addressed by creating the SPIKEMASTER range by Rawson, a truly spike and stud resistant carpet tile solution from Rawson Carpet Solutions. Spikemaster is a precisely engineered flooring solution for areas where spiked and studded sports shoes are worn. This antistatic product will provide the necessary support and resistance whether sports, golf or cricket club or outdoor putting green carpet.

Spikemaster is a highly durable carpet tile solution from Rawson Carpet Solutions, made of Polypropylene with impressive cleanability.

The surface will impact the spikes or studs without damaging the subfloor below and resulting in a safe solution for such areas.

The structure of the product provides clients with peace of mind regarding safety. The structure also provides a slip-free surface to walk upon even if shoes are dirty or wet. This is why Spikemaster has been specified for sports clubs, golf clubs and ranges, and sports pavilions worldwide. The images show a recent installation at Ascot Golf Club where such advantages and assurances have been proven using Spikemaster spike-resistant carpet tiles, including a durable, cleanable, safe environment.

The dense patterned surface also provides a high level of sound reduction, complementing the space with a quieter and calmer feel. Offered in a range of suited colors, Spikemaster not only provides a flooring solution but complements the aesthetic of the environment. The durable surface enables Spikemaster to be used in many areas where durability is critical. As such, you will find Spikemaster is also regularly specified as a secondary entrance barrier flooring in various settings to provide extra cleaning and safety to foot traffic before walking on the chosen interior carpet tile. Spikemaster has also been selected for equestrian facilities and thoroughfares in high traffic areas to provide durability.

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