Renshaw hall

Renshaw Hall in Liverpool is a combination of a part hotel rooms and 320 units of student accommodation. Built by Claritas group, and designed by local architect Falconer Chester Hall, the building also comprises a Gym, a Cinema and a games room. Complementing the space, Rawson Carpet Solutions have supplied their structured 2 ply SD Nylon Carpet range called RIVEN, in planks. The aesthetics speak for themselves and the carpet tile planks were installed by Horizon Floors. Riven is a structured and flowing design offering biophilic interpretations. The range is based upon natures materials and raw construction finishes.


In this instance, colour Concrete has been used to great effect. Concrete is the most subtle of the Riven range, focusing on the high quality, specially chosen coloured yarns. The subtle but alive grey tone allows for the true effect of the structuring in the plank to show through. Matching yarns in the range allow for different colours to be used together sinuously when desired. Riven is provided completely carbon neutral and is one of the newer design ranges from Rawson Carpet Solutions.