sports and play is our game

For many years now, UK Manufacturer Rawson Carpet Solutions, have provided flooring materials to sports facilities which meet the often stringent and versatile demands of such a sector.


Starting indoors, the use of ‘patio’ or ‘felkirk’ as a flooring solution for play areas such as trampoline parks and climbing centres has been an popular area of work. The solution is bright, economic, durable, cleanable and quiet. Rawson Carpet Solutions, part of the WE Rawson group of companies, is reaching its half century of UK Carpet manufacturing. The relationships created, the reputation for customer service and the provision of durable Carpet Solutions has enabled the brand to be a reliable choice for such areas. Now with new colourways, Rawson have solutions which provide the outdoor aesthetic indoors. Using Felkirk in Turf, Fairway Green or Olive, can provide a carpet solution reminiscent of a beautifully tailored lawn.

Solutions for outdoor facilities are met with 2 distinct products. One of which is UV resistant Patio, whether you are creating a large parkor park, fitting an adventure park, designing a golf putting green, or a cricket pitch surface material. Here the durability of this product is shown and the choice of 10 sport inspired colourways assist in meeting the desired aesthetic. As always with Rawson, we can provide bespoke colours to meet customer’s needs, and can provide choice inlay work too.


Our second specially designed solution is ‘Spikemaster’. Rawson offer a product that can be relied upon in areas where spiked shoes are being worn. A first choice for golf clubs and ranges, football and cricket areas, ‘Spikemaster’ is a product is tried and tested to provide a durable and safe surface for these types of environments. Contributing to a sports environment means contributing to the environment. RCS now offers all coverings individually environmentally accredited through the BRE, BREEM assessment.

The Solutions offered doesn’t stop there as Rawson’s renowned barrier systems offer a tried and tested Primary entrance solution to busy facilities and with the highly engineered products, a secondary barrier system is always available through the new range ‘titan’.

You can rely on Rawson Carpet Solutions to provide specially designed or even bespoke coverings to meet the demands of sports and play facilities.