How Carpets Can Revitalise a Workspace

The average UK carpet industry’s growth from 2015-2020 is at 0.5%, with a significant amount of carpeting going to workplaces. Carpets can make a huge difference to workspaces. Provided you select the right carpet for your workspace, i.e., a contract carpet designed for heavy-duty use and non-domestic applications, you can renew, re-energize your workspace in many ways.

Carpets offer design versatility.

It’s easy to give your workspace a new/fresh lease of life by simply changing the carpet. Carpets are considered works of art because of the limitless freedom you enjoy with existing and custom designs. If you work with an interior designer or carpet manufacturer directly, you can design exactly what you want, from the specific textures to custom colors and patterns.

You can even install carpet hangings or have your company logo or portrait woven in. When it comes to refreshing a workspace using carpet designs, you are actually limited by your imagination.

Carpets lower acoustic levels.

Revitalising a workspace is largely about making improvements, and lowering noise levels could be what you need to make your office better. Considering studies have found noise to be a major problem in over 50% of all open office environments, it makes sense to find ways of reducing or controlling noise levels in workspaces.

Hard flooring surfaces will reflect sound more from foot traffic and other sources of noise like moving office chairs. Since open office spaces make the noise factor worse, carpeting is a great way to reduce noise and create a more comfortable environment.

However, your choice of carpeting matters a lot. Ideally, the carpet you select should be specially designed for heavy-duty applications to cancel noise properly. Contract carpeting is an excellent choice as it is specifically made with noise-canceling properties. The carpeting can handle everything from busy corridors to chairs moving back and forth. The higher fiber mass makes contract carpeting perfect for absorbing sound. The carpeting also has permeable backing that offers more noise reduction capabilities.

Carpets offer warmth and comfort.

The thermal properties of carpets have been studied widely. Thick carpets with underlays offer the best thermal insulation (R-value). As a result. If you want to revitalise your workspace during colder seasons, a carpet may be a great addition. Carpets retain warm air making them a priceless addition for offering warmth while conserving energy. A carpet will also create a comfortable environment to walk on and work in. Besides the cushioning benefits, you can make a place feel warmer simply by changing the carpet color.

Carpets lower VOC levels compared to other common floorings.

The EPA defines volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as chemical compounds with adverse health effects. Today, new flooring types are made using a variety of chemicals that emit harmful gases raising VOC levels tenfold indoors. The paint, furnishes, glues, and adhesive in common flooring should raise health concerns. Carpets are low emitters of VOCs, making them better if you want to improve the air quality indoors while still renewing your workplace.

You can renew your workspace using carpets in many ways. While carpets have many benefits, they are a great way to improve your workspace design, acoustic levels, warmth, and comfort levels. They can also lower VOC levels and enhance air quality, giving you that refreshing environment to work in.

Important: Make sure you get the right carpet for your workspace. Contract carpets are made specifically for workplace applications and offer all the above benefits and more. Get contract carpeting today!

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