Microloop is a product offering a modern look. The low level loop allows for a crisp aesthetic whilst still maintaining the durability you would expect. BRE A+ rated and class 33 for building usage supports its versatility as a product.

Technical Specifications

Product Description: Tile

Fibre Type: Nylon low level loop

Fibre Weight (+ 10%): 400g/m2

Total Carpet Weight (+ 10%): 3490g/m2

Total Thickness (+ 10%): 5mm

Tile Dimensions: 500 x 500mm

Tiles Per Box: 20 or 5m2


Blue Ice TILE MLT09
Blue Sapphire TILE MLT03
Charcoal TILE MLT04
Dark Grey TILE MLT07
Grey Smoke TILE MLT10
Blue Haze TILE MLT06
Lovet Green TILE MLT05
Oak Brown TILE MLT02
Grey Slate TILE MLT01

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