JAzz bar

Our Jazz range is complimented with Jazz Bar. A barcode effect patterned tile utilising matching coloured yarns from the jazz range. lnstalled alone, as shown can create a striking pattern in tessellated pattern or indeed brick-bond, however, randomly dropping in a bar tile to complement a Jazz installation, or bordering with Jazz Bar offers our clients more design options.

JLT42 Barism (Blackbean _ Trism)

Technical Specifications

Product Description: Tile

Fibre Type: 100% Nylon Solution Dyed

Fibre Weight (+ 10%): 500g/m2

Total Carpet Weight (+ 10%): 4300g/m2

Total Thickness (+ 10%): 6mm

Tile Dimensions: 50x50cm

Tiles Per Box: 20 or 5m2

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