Highfields High School Refurbishment

Rawson Carpet Solutions ‘Eurocord’ contract carpet tiles have been installed at Highfields school in Wolverhampton, a school which believes that every child really matters and seeks to work with students and parents to ensure that each student achieves their full potential. ‘Baker Flooring’ installed the commercial carpet tiles in colours to match with the school logo and branding which has provided a great new aesthetic to the refurbished rooms in red.

Rawson Carpet solutions provide a broad range of durable contract carpet tiles to suit any design or budget aspiration. Eurocord has been used reliably for education facility flooring for over 50 years. The tiles are low impact, long life and renowned for their durability which makes them ideal carpet solutions for leaning spaces. They offer Class 33 heavy contract suitability and also castor
chair resistance.


Eurocord is available in sheet and tile, the carefully selected polypropylene fibres offer a carpet tile solution which is easil cleaned, the full range comes with BRE pointed EPD assessments to provide openness to our clients as to their low impact credentials in manufacture and to support BREEAM accredited building aspirations.