glasgow council housing project

The regeneration of the urban development by Glasgow City Council involved the creation of inspired outdoor sport and play spaces. Through the landscape architect and working with Notsport, A large selection of colours from the Rawson’s range of outdoor-suited carpets have been used to create a truly unique space. The intricate nature of the inlay has created the visual of an encapsulated globe of happy harmony living. 


Patio comes in a few forms to suit each project is make from a polypropylene and is a soft velour surface with UV resistance and fungi static qualities. The surface is very durable and easy to clean, providing the ideal solution to the clients brief. The soft nature of the surface provides a safer space for young children. Rawson’s sports surfaces come in many designs and patterns to suit the sport or play application. Being a manufacturer, Rawson’s are able to adjust thickness, colour & other qualities to provide the best solution project by project.