Exocord – Fine Ribbed Carpet Sheet

A fine ribbed sheet flooring designed specifically for exhibitions and events. This lightweight construction enables function and durability for short life usage at very competitive rates. The big advantage is that this product can be made entirely of Polypropylene and, utilising Rawsons unique ‘fuse bonding’ technique, removes the use of resin, therefore creating a potentially fully recyclable solution! Any colour from our eurocord standard range can be chosen in Exocord with a minimal MOQ.

Technical Specifications

Product Description: Sheet

Fibre Type: 80% Polypropylene 20% Polyester

Fibre Weight (+ 10%): 500g/m2

Total Carpet Weight (+ 10%): 3600g/m2

Total Thickness (+ 10%): 4.3mm

Dimensions: 2x30m


Exocord Arctic
Exocord Cashmere
Exocord Charcoal
Exocord Chocolate
Exocord Cool Grey
Exocord Cosmic
Exocord Damson
Exocord Dark Grey
Exocord Diamond
Exocord Lincon
Exocord Midnight
Exocord Oatmeal
Exocord Oban
Exocord Ocean
Exocord Ruby
Exocord Sand
Exocord Sapphire
Exocord Saratoga
Exocord Silver
Exocord Thunder
Exocord Vine

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