Taking inspiration from weather and Nature, the countryside collection is warm and comforting. The Solution dyed nylon tile is dense and durable providing an impressive solution to all environments.


Technical Specifications

Product Description: Tile

Fibre Type: 100% Polyamide

Fibre Weight (+ 10%): 670g/m2

Total Carpet Weight (+ 10%):  4160g/m2

Total Thickness (+ 10%): 6mm

Tile Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm

Tiles Per Box: 20


Autumn TILE CST001
Harvest TILE CST002
Fields TILE CST03
Pastures TILE CST04
Haystack TILE CST05
Stream TILE CST06
River TILE CST07
Lavender TILE CST08
Wilderness TILE CST09

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