About Rawson

Rawson Carpet Solutions are part of W E Rawson Ltd. For 150 years, this privately-owned company has grown organically through the manufacture and cutting-edge uses of non-woven industrial textiles. Our growth remains strong because of W E Rawson’s ongoing commitment to innovation, designed to meet the world’s ever-changing and varied market needs.

At Rawson Carpet Solutions – our carpet manufacturing company – we pride ourselves on the heritage of our brand. The experience and reputation has enabled us to evolve as a carpet tile manufacturer in the interiors market. With our latest products, we are proud to offer a broader and more exciting range that is at the forefront of design and performance in the British carpet manufacturer industry – as well as globally.

Our policy of re-investing back into the business has ensured our continued success and resulted in the most modern and technologically sophisticated machinery – staffed by experts in their respective fields. Our commitment to deliver a quality, ever improving service forms the basis of our business philosophy.

This website is designed to offer ideas to a wide audience requiring a specific solution to their individual flooring and sound barrier needs. We hope it will enable you to make an informed decision when next you need to choose or specify a contract floor covering.

Commitment to Quality



Founded in the late 19th century W E Rawson Ltd is a privately owned family company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of non woven textiles to a vast cross section of UK and international industry. As with many long established companies we at Rawson Carpet Solutions have, over the years, built a solid foundation with our customers and our suppliers and we value these relationships and the people associated with them very highly.

Managed by the founder’s descendants even today, this proud family-owned business has succeeded and expanded through two World Wars and numerous economic downturns. What’s the secret to this global organisation’s resilience and continued growth among diverse, geographic markets? It’s quite simple, really. It’s the tradition of innovation.

Bespoke Carpets

Bespoke Carpets Rawson Carpet Solutions stand by their name, offering bespoke solutions in tile or sheet and custom lengths and tile sizes. Planks are always an option. This service has resulted in us being associated with many applications, from our excellent carpet interior solutions to outdoor and marine use. From Crazy golf courses to outdoor sports pitches, logo barrier mats, exhibition flooring as well as acoustic insulation for buildings and cars. If you have a specific idea, Rawson Carpet Solutions will follow our renowned service to accommodate you.

We are able to provide intricate inlays, you can enhance your entrance foyer or public space with a customised inlay design, such as your company logo, or motive. Just provide an IT visual and we can do the rest for you

We can provide exact colour matching. Special IT programmes allow us to scientifically scan the colour, texture and weight of almost anything and synthesise our fibre ranges to best marry all components into a matching blend. Just a small sample of the product you wish to match will allow us to perform this service.

Environmental Policy
W.E. Rawson firmly believe in the responsibility that we have to the environment as well as to future generations as we conduct our day to day operations. We recognise the impact we have upon the environment and we embrace our duty of care with regard to the objectives and practices of our business. We adhere to the highest standards expected as a responsible corporate member of society and always aim to reduce and minimise any adverse effect we may pose. We have recently completed the most up to date BSI 9001-2015 assessment. All manufacturing is in the UK and Rawson is constantly looking into the ecology of locally sourced materials and best sustainable practice. Wherever possible excess manufacturing waste is recycled. After so many years we understand the areas where a sustainable approach can be most effective and can greatly contribute to our overall environmental impact. Our Products are long lasting and reduce waste and pollution, and some are fully recyclable. Indeed research continues today and forward for more and more products to be single product sourced so that they can all be fully recyclable as an option. Adhesion methods are constantly being reviewed to see if we can reduce epoxy based products and provide less harmful application solutions, such as tape systems like Stickfast. Our commitment to Environment and community welfare ensures that our environmental policies are at the very heart of our company’s business objectives. Rawson offers products with the BRE Individual Environmental Accreditation where an A+, the highest accolade has been achieved. We currently research and test for 100% Recycling of all our products and are testing for VOC accreditation as we go forward in showing the quality and low impact of Rawson Carpet Solutions.